What is iVendix ?



iVendix is an online B2B ordering service for dealers, reps, and suppliers.  Our ordering solution has been adopted by leading brands in both North America and Europe.

Know when your retailers place an order online and be able to access the order details at any time.

Check the status of orders along with tracking and shipping information.

View product availability.

Create orders for your accounts quickly and efficiently.

Create order templates or proposals for yourself and your accounts.


iVendix has the functionality to allow on demand the creation and download of a spreadsheet order form for any available catalogs.  This SSOF can be distributed to your retail accounts or used by you personally to be able to work offline.  The SSOF then can be uploaded to iVendix to finalize and submit the order online.
Product availability information is supplier dependant.  If provided, you will be able to view both current on hand quantities and future shipment dates and expected quantities.  Inventory reports can be provided in HTML, PDF, and Excel formats.

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